“ I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” - Buckminster Fuller


The I AM Project is about being alive and fully engaged with the many complexities we face within ourselves, our relationships, and the challenging times we face today. We live in a world where it’s evermore apparent there are aspects to our culture at odds with our physical and mental health and the needs of our planet. I AM promotes a culture of self-engagement in sync with our basic human need for meaningful connection in support of a satisfying and sustainable future. With a framework based in mindfulness and the latest developments in somatic and attachment psychology, I AM offers counseling and consulting services to help people access their inherent resources and transform their limiting patterns to realize themselves as an integral expression of the larger whole.

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"The ocean, the mountains, and the wilderness are my greatest teachers. I like to go into uncertainty and return renewed with something more to offer the world. I am an explorer of unfamiliar landscapes and a student of the unknown. With a history of trauma, depression, and anxiety, I've learned how to go the distance into myself and come back as a whole and healthy being, alive and connected to my family, my community and this beautiful planet. My passion for finding a way through life’s challenges has led me to my work as a couples therapist in San Francisco and Oakland, California. I help people establish new patterns of behavior for relating to themselves and others with a mindful engagement of the body and its senses. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the spark of hope in someone’s eyes when they discover that the power to create change is alive within them. I created I AM to expand this discovery beyond my work as a therapist to also include larger groups and organizations in support of lasting systemic change." - Justin Hartery LMFT