Creating direct experiences
of Earth-based identity to
mobilize action towards a livable world and sustainable future


Every cell in our bodies is grown from and sustained by our environment. Even our thoughts and the ability to read these very words are afforded through the oxygen and calories the earth provides. Fundamentally, we are an extension of the earth; just as much as the rivers, forests, oceans, fields and mountains that sustain us.

The I AM Project views the environmental and social crisis’s we currently face as different parts of the same problem. Just as we are inseparable from our planet, so too are the conversations on ecological collapse, social inequality and mental health.  


We are what we identify with and it is the belief that we are somehow separate from our environment and each other that is pushing our planet to its brink. The I AM Project is a network of creatives and innovators here to help break our collective freeze response and mobilize people to action by creating experiences that ask, "What becomes possible when we identify not just with the Earth, but also AS the Earth herself?" 



In the link below, you will find a guided mediation developed to facilitate a direct experience of your inseparable relationship with the Earth. This as just one way to align with the creative, sustaining forces of nature within and around us. If it inspires you to action, sparks creative vision, or compliments what you're already doing, The I AM Project wants to know about it and is here to support you.

The file is downloadable. Practicing in different contexts such as walking or being in nature or the city is encouraged. Listening to the recording as a regular practice has a cummulative effect


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